Make a tangible contribution to the cultural development of our youth.


Support youth between the ages of 5 to 25 to engage in the performing arts in order to stimulate their creativity, improve their self-esteem and their desire to learn and grow. The evenko foundation also aims to encourage emerging talent.


Community: We are committed to helping the existing community as well as the future generation.

Integrity and respect: We strive for an unparalleled level of respect and integrity in everything we do.

Passion for excellence: We continually strive to exceed expectations with the perseverance, determination and relentlessness that characterize our organization.

Commitment: Recognizing the prestige and benefits of being associated with the evenko brand, we maximize resources to improve the artistic development of young people. These resources also allow us to act as a leader and a catalyst within the community.

Mutual aid: Teamwork is a priority within our organization. In addition to having a common goal of welfare for young people, we encourage mutual support among community stakeholders in the implementation of projects and partnerships.