Roman Oryschuk - evenko foundation

Roman Oryschuk

Chairman of the Board

President and CEO, Global Change Leaders

France Margaret Bélanger - evenko foundation

France Margaret Bélanger

Executive Vice President, Commercial and Corporate Affairs, Montreal Canadiens

Nick Farkas - evenko foundation

Nick Farkas

Vice President of Concerts and Events, evenko

Eric Forget - evenko foundation

Eric Forget

Partner, Lawyer / Fiscalist, Legault Joly Thiffault, S.E.N.C.R.L.

André Ménard - evenko foundation

André Ménard

Co-founder and Vice President, Équipe Spectra

Andrew Molson - evenko foundation

Andrew Molson

Partner and Chairman of RES PUBLICA Consulting Group

Hubert Richard - evenko foundation

Hubert Richard

Partner and Vice President of Sales, Effix Marketing

Anne-Marie Withenshaw - evenko foundation

Anne-Marie Withenshaw

Television and Radio Host and Producer

Corporate administrator

Sylvain Vincent

Corporate administrator

Co-founder of the Arts-Studies program