Alain Trudel surprises Curé-Mercure music concentration students with a performance and new instruments!

25 | 05 | 2022

On May 4, more than a hundred students of the music program were surprised by Alain Trudel, artistic director of the National academy orchestra.


Mr. Trudel greeted with the students with an impressive trombone music performance that left them speechless. He then shared highlights of his musical journey that started in a Plateau public school where he had access to music education for free. It was a turning point in his life.


After sharing tips and life lessons, Mr. Trudel was honored to present the foundation’s generation instrument donation to the school: $50 000 of music instruments to support part of the music concentration needs for the next 30 years!


‘’We are so grateful for Maestro Alain Trudel’s presence and generosity towards the students. We know that Curé-Mercure students were touched by his visit and that his message will be carried in their hearts forever whether they make a career in music or not. “


Nathalie Roberge, director of the evenko foundation.